Drop Off: Students may be dropped off beginning at 8:00 AM each morning for an 8:30 start time. Preschool and Pre-K AM students should be brought to their classroom. Pre-K PM students who are enrolled in Extended Care should be brought to the Extended Care classroom, located on the east side of the gym, and signed in to Extended Care. Pre-K PM students not enrolled in Extended Care can be dropped off outside at recess beginning at 12:15 or in the classroom beginning at 12:30. Students in Kindergarten-6th Grade should be dropped off at the playground, weather-permitting. In inclement weather, students will gather in the gym and can be dropped off at the main entrance.

Pick Up: Preschool and Pre-K AM will be picked up at the main entrance each day. All other classes gather outside the building promptly by 3:30 each day. Preschool-Kindergarten will gather near the front entrance. The classes line up in grade order along the side walk from there. Please remember to stay in your car to keep the car line moving. If you need to exit your car when picking up your children, please park in the lot and walk over to the pick-up area.

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