I want to take the opportunity to provide some more specific information about Summit’s plans related to the opening of school in September. Our purpose is to offer as complete a school program as possible while complying with all required regulations and doing our best to keep our students and families safe and healthy.

Here is a list of some of the steps we will be taking.

  • On opening day, we will assemble outside under the pavilion and teachers will lead their classes into the building.
  • Normal daily drop off and pick up will be curbside.
  • Health monitoring will be increased and may include taking temperatures daily.
  • Parents are requested to wear masks if they need to enter the building.
  • Hand washing will continue to be emphasized and will be incorporated as part of the daily routine.
  • Each student will have his/her own supplies. Shared supplies (i.e. for art) will be sanitized after use.
  • Classrooms will be sanitized daily.
  • Shared snacks will not be permitted.
  • Daily prayer in each classroom for good health.

In the event that someone in the school community tests positive for COVID, I want to assure you that we will take it very seriously and will evaluate its likely impact on our students, staff and families. We will take appropriate steps in response and based on the circumstances. For example, our response will be different if the positive test is in a parent who has never been on campus or if it is a staff member. Rest assured, we will communicate with all of our families if someone connected to Summit receives a positive test. Parents are always able to make the decision they determine to be best for their family.

As with many plans related to COVID, this one is subject to change.

God Bless,

Dan Makowski





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